Demystifying Cybersecurity

Cyber Insecurity is a cybersecurity community for the masses. We break down barriers in the conversation and focus on everything from hackers, threat hunters, risk management, to people who aren't even in the career field. We truely are an inclusive, positive, and supportive community focused on all aspects of Cyber.

Proven Track Record for Success

It's time that there is an interactive way to hear cyber related news
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I took all your steps, achieved the 1000 connections challenge, nailed the eJPT and got through some humbling interviews which led me to landing my first cyber job as a junior pentester.
Alex Kirshbaum, Penetration Tester
Discord Community
...Amazing individual, not just for the knowledge they possess but because they went the extra mile to share that knowledge with the world! Your videos, your streams and podcasts are not under any paywall, you dont chase a quick buck and you genuinely care about building a a better cybersecurity community and helping people.
John Hipp, Security Specialist
So much of it is just getting that interview so you can prove yourself, and I believe your advice directly contributed to that.
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Cyber Insecurity is AWESOME...

...for career professionals!!

Our streams, and the advice we give, get people Cyber Jobs and advance current experts!

Neal, himself, has over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity and has hired, trained, and led thousands of cyber professionals accross the decades. The Cyber Insecurity team is staffed with expert professionals offering priceless knowledge to thousands of career seekers. The community is perfect for people who are comming into cybersecurity looking for strategies on certifications, career paths, and jobs. The seniority availability of the leadership team also provides insights and expertise up to the CISO level.
  • What certification do I get?
  • Red Team or Blue Team?
  • Sec+, A+, Net+ for my career?
  • What is Threat Hunting?
  • What does a CISO do?
  • Should I get a mentor?
...and growing daily!!

Thousands of cybersecurity professionals are finding homes with us!!

With a wide range of experts in our Community, we are able to connect people from across the globe for a common goal.
The 1000 connection challenge within our community has expanded the horizon of our members to not only local markets but regional as well.
The guidance offered through our community has expanded the expertise of individuals

More than just a stream - Its an entire Community

Career Support

With our deep resource repository of information, we cover down on all aspects of cybersecurity training and growth information. Where are the best certification resources? When are the best webinars? Who should you follow? We are THE GO TO spot for cyber resources.
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Group Study

We provide support Study Rooms, with an active community of THOUSANDS who are willing and anxious to jump in as you to TryHackMe, Hack the Box, SecurityBlueTeam, or BlueTeamLabs Online and provide decades of knowledge at your disposal to help you learn!!
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Technical Deepdives

The depth of our bench is unlike any other community out there. We have experts from the National Security Agency (NSA) who have done thousands of offensive pentesting engagements. We have people who have built hundred person, global, Security Operations teams for Fortune 100 companies. We have the ability to go as deep on an unlimited amount of cyber topics.
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Industry Expert Interviews

As a result of the pedigree of cybersecurity expertise, we frequenly get the highest quality of guest appearances in the industry. Million dollar hackers? We got 'em! Chiefs of some of the biggest cyber companies in the world? We got 'em!! The first year pentester or incident responder to understand what the "day in the life" looks like? WE GOT 'EM!!
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Join Thousands of Cyber Professionals JUST LIKE YOU!

Our community grows daily! There are more and more people watching our streams, joining our community, and looking for professionals just like you to network with!